Retainer Instructions

  • You MUST wear your retainer 8-10 hours per day (typically nighttime), or your teeth WILL MOVE! You have FREE unlimited retainer checks if you feel there is an issue.
  • Wear your retainers every night until you are 22 years old (or for the next five years if you are an adult) then one night a week after that (you should always have a retainer!)
  • Clean your retainers with toothbrush/toothpaste nightly.
  • Use Retainer Brite once a month, when sick, or when they just need an extra cleaning. Retainer Brite can be purchased at the office or at
  • Do NOT boil your retainer or put them in the dishwasher!
  • Keep retainers away from pets, animals like to eat your retainer!!
  • Please keep your 3D models in the provided Morgan Orthodontics green box. This model will be used to create any future needed retainers. ASK ABOUT OUR RETAINER PROGRAM FOR UNLIMITED ADDITIONAL RETAINERS!

Remember FACE OR CASE! Retainers belong in your mouth or in their case, NOT in a paper towel, on the counter, or anywhere else!