Can Braces Fix Overbites and Underbites?

In the grand narrative of your smile, overbites and underbites are plot twists that Morgan Orthodontics is expertly equipped to resolve. Think of us as the writers of your orthodontic journey, skillfully guiding your teeth to their ideal positions. With the question, “Can braces fix overbites and underbites?” as our opening thesis statement, let’s explore how our practice crafts the storylines for straighter, healthier smiles.

Overbite Vs. Underbite Vs. Other Types of Bites

Malocclusions are misalignments of the teeth and jaw. There are many different kinds of malocclusions. Today, however, we’ll focus on the seven most common misalignments, including overbite and underbite. Each type has unique challenges that can mildly or severely impact your quality of life. 

What are the different types, and why do we need to know to straighten your teeth? 

Well, you know how when you go to a bookstore, or you start scrolling through Netflix looking for something to read or watch, and you head straight to your favorite genre? It’s kind of like that. Knowing what genre you like helps you know where to go, and knowing what subgenres, plots, or tropes you enjoy helps narrow down your choices.

If we didn’t know what type of misalignment you had, the intricacies of it, and the way it impacts your life, we would find it tricky to know what treatment method to use and how to use it efficiently to give you a healthy, functional bite. Not knowing might make treatment take longer and be less enjoyable, like when you pick a movie or show you “kind of” like but refuse not to finish.

The 7 Malocclusions

  • Overbites: When your upper teeth take a bit of a leap over your lower teeth. It’s not just about the look; it can lead to wear and tear on your teeth and even cause jaw discomfort. 
  • Underbites: The opposite scenario of overbites, where the lower teeth boldly step forward beyond the upper teeth, potentially complicating your bite and speech.
  • Crossbite: Occurs when some of the upper teeth sit inside the lower teeth rather than on the outside when the mouth is closed.
  • Open bite: A gap between the upper and lower teeth when the back teeth are closed.
  • Crowding: Insufficient space in the mouth causes teeth to overlap, twist, or get pushed to the front or back.

Why Is It Important To Fix Misalignments?

Correcting misalignments goes beyond cosmetic appeal; it’s essential for oral health and functionality. Aligned teeth reduce the risk of decay, gum disease, and uneven wear, ensuring your bite works harmoniously to prevent jaw pain, improve breathing, and enhance chewing and speech.

It’s like why you need to edit your writing. If you don’t, you and others can work around or look past the typos, grammatical errors, and stylistic issues, but it can be difficult and cause unnecessary challenges that decrease your quality of work (or life).

How Do Braces Work?

Think of braces at Morgan Orthodontics as the director of your smile’s Broadway play. Just as a director orchestrates actors and scenes to create a theatrical masterpiece, braces meticulously guide each tooth to its ideal position, ensuring every scene in your smile’s story is perfectly aligned.

As your smile’s story unfolds, it’s not just about moving characters (teeth) from one scene to another. It’s about reshaping the stage they perform on through a fascinating biological process known as bone remodeling. This process is the unsung hero behind the scenes, allowing your teeth to move and settle into their new positions securely. When braces apply gentle pressure to your teeth, it encourages some bone cells (osteoclasts) to break down bone (this allows for teeth movement) and other cells (osteoclasts) to rebuild bone to hold the teeth in their new places. Like a casting director and talent scout, this dynamic duo of bone cells ensures that your teeth can move safely and effectively into their new roles, laying a strong foundation for your newly aligned smile.

In essence, braces work by directing the natural talents of your teeth and jawbone, guiding them through a carefully scripted performance to achieve a Broadway-worthy smile that’s visually stunning and structurally sound. 

Can Braces Fix Overbites and Underbites?

What Types of Braces Does Morgan Orthodontics Offer To Straighten Teeth?

At Morgan Orthodontics, we know that no two smiles are the same. That’s why we offer multiple types of braces to help as many people as possible achieve their dream of straight teeth and functioning bites. Let’s check them out!

Metal Braces

Metal braces, with their brackets, wires, and ligatures, are the most widely known and used orthodontic treatment method, and for good reason! They’re durable, efficient, and can treat the broadest range of concerns. The brackets act like the main characters, each attached to a tooth, playing a pivotal role in your smile’s transformation. The archwire is the plot, weaving through the brackets, directing the narrative of movement and guiding teeth along a predetermined path to a picture-perfect conclusion. Ligatures are the supporting cast, securing the wire to the brackets and adding a splash of personality with their fun colors (like the comedic relief character).

LightForce Clear Braces

These are identical to metal braces, except instead of brackets made of a metal blend, they’re made of a tooth-colored ceramic mix. Each bracket is 3D printed and custom-designed for your comfort and effective treatment. It’s like when a comedian has a ghostwriter; all the credit for your new smile goes to your braces (the comedian), but no one knows that there was a whole team (Morgan Orthodontics and LightForce design team) working hard to create an alignment (jokes) just for you

3M Clarity Clear Aligners

3M Clarity clear aligners are the stealth artists of the orthodontic world, working behind the scenes to craft your ideal smile without drawing attention to themselves. Imagine them as the set builders of a blockbuster movie—their work is so seamless and convincing that you forget they’re there (rarely does anything look like an actual studio set)! Yet, they’re essential to the story’s success. 

These transparent aligners are custom-made to fit snugly over your teeth, invisibly guiding them to their optimal positions with precision and subtlety. Unlike traditional braces, they offer the freedom to remove them during meals or when brushing, ensuring your lifestyle isn’t interrupted. It’s the orthodontic equivalent of being so submerged in the movie without overshadowing the main storyline that when you “pause,” the experience isn’t ruined. With 3M Clarity Clear Aligners, your orthodontic treatment is a behind-the-scenes magic, transforming your smile without anyone being the wiser.

All of these orthodontic appliances are also compatible with orthodontic accessories, like rubber bands for adjustment placement, so that no detail of your smile goes unpolished. 

Can Braces Fix Overbites and Underbites?

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